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KRISTIN MILLS, Financial and Human Resources Administrator


Kristin Mills joined CFEE in 2022 as the Financial and Human Resources Administrator.  She is responsible for strategizing and planning financial goals to achieve and maintain the financial health of CFEE.  In addition, Kristin maintains the internal database regarding all Human Resource responsibilities.


Prior to working at CFEE, Kristin owned and operated her own equestrian business in Sacramento for more than 10 years, and she has been the Sacramento Valley Chapter of the California Dressage Society Chapter Chair since the beginning of 2022. In addition to working at CFEE, Kristin is adjunct faculty at CSUS.  She is teaching Strategic Management for the Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the College of Business at Sacramento State University.


She graduated with high distinction from Sacramento State University, holding a master’s degree in business administration.


Kristin and her husband live in Sacramento.  She loves animals, gardening, and photography.

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