“The California Foundation on the Environment and the Economy is an important organization that fulfills a critical public policy goal – nonpartisan engagement and discussions on energy and environmental issues essential to a prosperous California."

Leon E. Panetta
Former Secretary of Defense
Chairman, The Panetta Institute of Public Policy

“CFEE is one of the unique California institutions that can effectively bring together stakeholders representing divergent views to discuss and act on the critical issues of the day. Energy, water, transportation are all areas where I have seen CFEE play a key role in moving the needle on important policy matters. CFEE is nimble, entrepreneurial and relevent."

Kathleen Brown
Former California State Treasurer

“I have been a CFEE enthusiast since its creation (which coincided with my arrival at NRDC). The institution and its leadership are legendary for their convening powers, scrupulous fairness, facilitation skills and dedication to the public interest. If there is any complex and seemingly intractable threat to California’s environment and economy that would not benefit from CFEE’s engagement, I have never encountered it.”

Ralph Cavanagh
Energy Program Co-Director
Natural Resources Defense Council

“The most effective policy for producing a healthy environment is a growing economy. Societies with the highest productivity and incomes have made the greatest strides to bring about sustained improvements in environmental standards and quality. CFEE is California's most effective institution fostering collaboration among labor, business, environmental, community and public institutions to bring about both environmental improvement and job growth."

Robert Balgenorth
President Emeritus
State Building & Construction Trades Council of CA