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California is ground zero for the Digital Revolution that is powered by fast and reliable communications.


The CFEE Telecommunications and Technologies Conference brings together state legislators and regulators with consumer and community advocates, industry representatives and union leaders to discuss how to ensure the public broadly benefits as technological advancements and new networks are deployed.


Previous Telco/Tech Conferences have facilitated policy development related to network deployment in rural communities, data privacy, emergency communications and 5G introduction.


Saddle Up! How to Keep Ahold of the Reins Without Breaking Stride (August 8-9)


Surfing the Techno-Wave...Can We Keep Riding High and Avoid the Wipe Out? (August 2023) (Olympic Valley)

Cracking the Code in California...
How Do We Install Univ
ersal Connectivity and Smarter Uses of Technology? 
(June 2022) (Lake Tahoe)
Going Big on Broadband, Resiliency, and the Technologies of Tomorrow (June 2021) (Lake Tahoe)

Immaculate Reception: Connectedness, Health, and Modern Day Miracles (July 2020) (Lake Tahoe)

Mastering Our Domain: Putting Advanced Technologies to Work for California (June 2019) (Lake Tahoe)

Harvesting the Fruits of the Digital Age (March 2018) (Sonoma)

The Customer-Driven Transition to a Connected Future: How Consumer Decisions Today are Shaping the ICT Infrastructure of Tomorrow (March 2017) (Napa)

The Rise of Smart Cities: From Vision to Reality (March 2016) (Sonoma)

Technological Advances and Social Expectations (March 2015) (Sonoma)

Infrastructure for an Advancing Economy and Future Jobs (February 2014) (Napa)

Roundtable Conference on Information & Communications Technology (ICT) (February 2012) (Napa)

Making Sense of Today's Converging Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) Eco-system (March 2011) (Sonoma)

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