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California is a transportation powerhouse - home to 26 million automobiles, more than 400,000 miles of roadways, thousands of miles of rail, and hundreds of air and sea ports.


The CFEE Transportation Conference convenes state policymakers with labor and environmental leaders, energy and engineering companies, and transit operators to have focused dialogue on how to maintain, improve and finance this robust transportation system while exploring pioneering efforts in zero emission vehicles, autonomous vehicles, and micro-mobility.


Previous Transportation Conferences have facilitated legislation related to resilient infrastructure, carbon fuel standards, air pollution, project financing and public-private partnerships.


No, We’re Not There Yet! What a Long, Strange Trip It Is... (June 20-21, 2024)

California’s Wild Ride Rolls On...How Do We Smooth the Bumps and Stay on Track?  (June 22-23, 2023) 


Pedal and the Metal...The Evolution of Our Transportation System Accelerates (September 8-9, 2022) 

Living the Dream...or Just Dreaming? Visions for Cleaner, Smarter, and Better Transportation (August 19-20, 2021) 

Off the Beaten Path: Finding Our Way to Affordable & Green Transportation (Sept 10-11, 2020)

Destination Unknown: Our Evolving Transportation System (September 2019) (Incline Village)

Building Smart Infrastructure for a Green Future (April 2018) (Sonoma)

Picking up the Pieces - Rebuilding a Resilient Transportation System (February 2017) (Napa)

Attacking the Transportation Infrastructure Funding Gap: Do we have the weapons? (May 2015) (Napa)

Electrifying Transportation Workshop (October 2014) (Sonoma)

Roundtable Conference on California's Transportation Infrastructure:  How Do We Get to Success?  (May 2014) (Sonoma)

Roundtable Conference on California's Infrastructure — A Path to Economic Recovery and Jobs (October 2011) (Palos Verde)

Roundtable Conference on Building Partners to Finance and Deliver Infrastructure Projects in California (March 2010) (Napa)

Infrastructure Financing and Project Delivery Conference (March 2009) (Napa)

Roundtable Conference on Transportation Fuels (May 2009) (Sonoma)

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