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California is home to one of the world's most variable climates, in which grinding droughts and torrential downpours are familiar features of the state's extreme precipitation patterns. With a state population approaching 40 million residents, the imperative for a safe and secure water system is foundational to our shared prosperity.


The CFEE Water Conference convenes state policymakers with farm owners and environmental advocates, labor and industry leaders, and water managers to focus on how to smartly grapple with California's unending water scarcity challenge.


Previous Water Conferences have facilitated legislation related to indirect and direct potable reuse, water markets, groundwater recharge, system consolidation and multi-benefit projects.


Welcome to the Land of Extremes: Lessons for Living in a Wetter and Drier California December 7-8, 2023

The Era of Rising Temperatures and The Remaking of California’s Water System December 8-9, 2022

Hanging Ourselves Out to Dry or The Beginning of a New Beginning? December 8-9, 2021

Plumbing the Future...Fulfilling Our Vision of a Resilient Water System February 4-5, 2021

Sink or Swim: Rising to the Resiliency Challenge (November 2019) (San Diego)

Grow with the Flow: Building a System for the 21st Century (December 2018) (San Diego)

California Leaders' Guide to Weather Extremes: Are We Ready for the "New Normal?" (November 2017) (San Diego)

Fix or No Fix, How Can We Exploit Local Water Supply Opportunities? (October 2016) (Berkeley)

The Path Toward a Drought-Resilient California (November 2015) (Carlsbad)

California Water and the Drought: Challenges, Actions, and Pragmatic Lessons from Other Nations (September 2014) (Napa)

Local Water Supply and Quality: Doing More With Less (October 2013) (La Quinta)

Strategies for Water Supply Reliability and Sustainability: "What is the Long-Term Solution?" (March 2011) (Sonoma)

Reliability & Sustainability for California's Water Supply: "Putting Your Own Oxygen Mask on First" (October 2010) (Napa)

California's Water Supply and Infrastructure (October 2009) (Sonoma)

California's Water Supply: The "Big Fix," Interim Solutions and How We Get There (October 2008) (Ojai)

California's Water Supply: Forging Opportunity in the Face of Crisis (September 2007) (Napa)

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