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The California Foundation on the Environment and the Economy (CFEE) is an independent, nonprofit institution dedicated to educating public and private sector decision makers on, and developing creative solutions to, California's complex economic, environmental and social issues. Recognized as a highly effective public policy forum, the Foundation brings together senior executives from California's major corporations and statewide labor leaders, as well as leading advocates from environmental and consumer organizations to meet with legislators and regulatory officials in an atmosphere of non-adversarial cooperation. CFEE seeks full exploration of controversial issues in a manner that transcends adversarial relationships by encouraging the development of common interests and workable policies rather than institutionalized conflict.

Created in 1979 to advance consensus among those on the frontier of decision-making, the Foundation accelerates the process for developing collaborative and innovative approaches to critical issues. The Foundation develops and conducts public policy conferences as well as study travel projects abroad to educate California leadership on issues and gain insights from the experience of other states and nations.


CFEE's conferences and travel projects put a diverse cross-section of California leadership into direct contact with their counterparts from around the world. This sharing of views and experiences leads not only to a broader understanding of complex issues, but encourages the exchange of policy and technology solutions, as well as business and trade opportunities.


“CFEE is California's most effective institution fostering collaboration among labor, business, environmental, community and public institutions to improve the environmental and job growth."


“CFEE is unique because it gives you an opportunity to hear from diverse perspectives without dogma...CFEE offers unique opportunities for elected officials.”


“I am a much better, more thoughtful, and more insightful legislator because of the experiences I’ve

had with CFEE."


Mike Gipson

California State Assemblymember

“CFEE is an amazing and balanced organization that has given me the opportunity to broaden and expand my knowledge base by visiting other countries and attending policy conferences.”

CFEE's 40+ Year Impact

Shirley Weber

California Secretary of State

Bob Wieckowski

California State Senator

Robert Balgenorth

CFEE Chair & California Construction Industry Labor Management Trust

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