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As a global leader in the effort to combat climate change, California is at the forefront of crafting ambitious energy policies designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while ensuring affordability and reliability.


The CFEE Energy Summit convenes state policymakers with senior labor, environmental, industry, and local government leaders to address the technical, commercial, and political challenges inherent to pursuing a net zero carbon future.


Previous Energy Summits have facilitated policy related to cap and trade, renewable energy procurement and integration, carbon fuel standards, and energy efficiency. Specific legislative outcomes include AB32 (Nunez and Pavley), and AB398 (Garcia), and AB1054 (Dodd), among others.


Build, Baby, Build...Climate Salvation Through a Construction Bonanza (February 2024) (Napa)

Do We Need a Jolt to the System? How Can We Supercharge Our Energy Transition? (February 2023) (Napa)


On the Move...Going Beyond Goal Setting to Goal Getting – How Will We Do It? (March 2022) (Berkeley)

Negotiating Neutrality: The Future of CO2 (April 2021) (Napa)

Playing with Fire: The Precarious State of California Energy (February 2020) (Napa)

The Road to Carbon Neutrality (March 2019) (Napa)

With the Eyes of the World on California’s Energy Accomplishments…Now Comes the Hard Part (February 2018) (Sausalito)

Not Your Parents' Energy System: Navigating the Path to a Flexible Green Future (April 2017) (Napa)

Achieving California's Energy & Climate Goals (May 2016) (Napa)

Decarbonizing California: What is Required and What are the Options to Get It Done? (January 2015) (Napa)

Achieving California's Energy and Climate Goals - Evolution or Revolution? (December 2013) (Sausalito)

Energy Workshop - Rate Design for a 21st Century Electricity System: How does it all add up? (March 2012) (Helena)

Energy Roundtable Summit on Distributed Generation (December 2011) (Sausalito)

Roundtable Conference on California's Clean and Reliable Energy Goals: Getting to 2020 – A Reality Check (December 2010) (Napa)

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