The mission of the California Foundation on the Environment and the Economy is to bring together leadership from the business, labor, community and environmental sectors with elected and appointed officials in roundtable forums concerning the fundamental environmental and economic infrastructure issues in California. We engage participants by conducting two-day conferences for experts and decision makers focused on educating and developing consensus on complex yet critical issues of the day. The roundtable discussions are designed to maximize the amount of time participants have to engage with one another to learn and ideally find common ground on the complex tradeoffs involved in implementing various public policy options.  

Working with members of our large and diverse Board of Directors, project participants, and elected officials, CFEE monitors the major issues related to energy, water, transportation infrastructure, & information and communication technology (ICT). Technological innovations, geophysical realities, commercial and price considerations are integrated into an agenda crafted to present the most current information and stimulate a spirited but informed conversation around the table. The vast experience of our participants in these non-partisan, collaborative sessions enables CFEE to facilitate an advanced, substantive and productive forum for discussion of these contentious and pressing issues.